I was born in London but have lived most of my life in Australia having attained Certificates in Photographic Science and Photographic Design.


I have had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember and for the past 25 years have worked as a fashion, advertising and travel photographer undertaking projects that have enabled me to visit more than 30 countries.


Often there is great beauty to be found in the mundane and the simplistic and to me a picture, be it a photograph, painting or a sketch, should be more than just a pleasant image to look at on a wall or in a book. Any photograph should demand attention either by its poignancy, relevance or provocation which, in turn, should prompt the viewer to linger and wonder about its creation.


There is not a single subject that cannot be transformed photographically into an image of great interest or beauty. There are far too many variables for that – light, angle, shape, texture, colour and depth of field – the list can be rather exhaustive.


Each of the six portfolios will be updated with new and original images on a regular basis so don’t forget to revisit. At the bottom of each portfolio, as you scroll down, you will find a number indicating total pages for that portfolio so be sure to check them all out.


  • Paul Granston is a past winner of the prestigious Australian Photography Portfolio Awards. His work has been displayed in numerous exhibits and featured in more than 70 publications around the world.
  • Work by Commission. Paul is available to undertake commissioned work so if there is a unique image you would like him to create for you, be it of your special partner, pet, house, car, scene, whatever, feel free to discuss it with us via the CONTACT US details.
THE TEAM                                                                         
Paul – photographer/digital darkroom/writer
Noelene –  house model/curator
Jacquiline – stylist
Lucie – reception/client liaison
Ramon – studio manager/assistant
Jack “pookums”- master of mayhem
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