Paul has written extensively for newspapers, magazines and journals and his work has appeared in hundreds of publications nationally as well as overseas. These writings vary from specialty articles – such as travel, motoring and health –  to investigative features as well as short stories and some manuscripts and screenplays “in progress.” In the coming weeks some stories and articles will be appearing below so, as usual, feel free to contact us should you wish to have a chat or to leave a comment or feedback.


Hello all. During my time on this earth I have had some rather memorable experiences. Here are a few.


# was the passenger in a Torana that plunged into the river from Canning Bridge one chilly winter night. I obviously survived but it took 10 hours to locate the car!

# lived in a house in for three years with a very unwelcome lodger; a ghost. This was a particularly unpleasant time (as you can imagine) where things moved and disappeared at will. And where voices and sepulchral forms became commonplace until we were finally forced to sell the house (and ghost) to an unsuspecting buyer!

# survived my one and only parachute jump (after 90 minutes tuition) with a tangled chute and a broken leg!

# Spent 40 minutes snorkeling in the proximity of a shark off Penguin Island after my “former” friends vacated the water post haste without notifying me!

# survived a head on collision with a drunk driver. My car was totaled and the driver fled the state. He was a doctor!

# the brake cable snapped on my push bike as I was descending a particularly steep hill in Sydney. I hit one of the few telephone poles in the street. Broken wrist, finger and ribs!

# spent a little while married to a particularly irksome type with a penchant for destroying cameras, photographs and nearly me (but I managed to escape!). Must have been something to do with that fearful crack on the head when she stood up under the kitchen bench one autumn evening after dropping a fork!


But that is life and it all makes for interesting stories right? So watch here for some fascinating life experiences coming soon.